Privacy Policy


We consider the protection of your personal data to be of the utmost importance, therefore we would like to inform you below about the data processing activities carried out by Bianka Muskovics Sole Proprietor (1037 Budapest, Mátyáshegyi út 22/A 2.em 5.a, Tax No. 55659594-1-41) as data controller, as well as the principles and rules that we are obliged to follow in doing so.

When using the VIENTOSHOP website (  – and using our services, data processing is carried out only with your prior information and with your explicit consent. In addition, VIENTOSHOP processes data in order to fulfill the contract concluded with you, for legitimate reasons or on the basis of an explicit legal requirement.

1. The security of your data, our privacy principles

VIENTOSHOP processes your personal data in accordance with the requirements of legality and fairness in all respects, in the most transparent way possible for you, only for specific, clear and legitimate purposes, only to the extent necessary and for the minimum time necessary to achieve that purpose. We take great care to ensure that the data we process is accurate and up-to-date in all cases.

2. The scope of the data we process

(a) “logging” and server

When you visit the VIENTOSHOP website, the web server automatically logs the user’s activity. Without it, the proper functioning of the website would not be ensured and we would not be able to prevent possible external attacks, therefore such data management is based on the legitimate interest of VIENTOSHOP. We use the log file for quality assurance purposes, we do not link it with other information, we do not seek to identify the user concerned.

• Stored data: IP address (anonymously), approximate geographical location, address of visited pages, and date and time data.

• Retention period: Data will be deleted after 30 days.

b) Web analytical measurements

Google Analytics, as a third-party provider, helps independently measure website usage and other web analytics data. The data is recorded in an anonymized manner and is used by VIENTOSHOP exclusively for statistical purposes and to optimise the operation of the site. Detailed information on the handling of measurement data can be found at the following link: Web analytics data collection for such statistical purposes is a widespread practice to which you consent by visiting our website.

c) Managing cookies

A cookie is a small data package that our server sends to your web browser for customized and high-quality service. If you visit our website again, your browser will return the cookie to our server, allowing you to establish a connection between sessions.

On our website you can find two types of cookies:

  • Session-id and temporary cookies that are essential for the use of this Without their use, the website or parts thereof will not be displayed, consent to the processing of cookies cannot be stored, browsing will be prevented. Therefore, by visiting the website, you acknowledge the use of these cookies.
  • Persistent cookies: which, depending on the setting of the web search engine, remain on the device for a longer period of time or until they are deleted by the User. If you install the cookie on the VIENTOSHOP web server and the data is transmitted to your own database, we are talking about an internal cookie. If the cookie is installed on the web server of VIENTOSHOP or a third-party service provider, but the data is transferred to a third-party service provider, we are talking about an external cookie.

Distinguished by the purpose of use:

Statistical cookies:

  • a. full Google Analytics meter code cookie
  • b. other web analytics measuring device measuring code (i.e. HotJar)
  • c. heat map analytics device cookie (i.e. HotJar)
  • d. device cookie suitable for recording mouse movements (i.e. HotJar)

Advertising cookies:

  • e. advertising cookies, remarketing codes and pixels placed by all third-party service providers (e.g. Facebook, AdWords)

When visiting the *, * website, on the log-in page by pressing the “Accept” button on the cookie warning you can give your consent to the use of persistent cookies.

  • Stored data: identification number, date, time, previously visited page
  • Storage duration:
    • temporary cookies for session use until the end of the session,
    • persistent cookies are usually stored on your computer for 1 year or until they are deleted.

Please note that you can delete cookies from your computer at any time or disable them in your own browser.

providers in order to manage measurement data and personalize ads,

For more information about the logging and cookie management activities performed by the servers of Google, Facebook and Hotjar service provider, please visit their own privacy notices at, at and at .

d) Newsletter subscription

By signing up for VIENTOSHOP’s newsletter, I agree to VIENTOSHOP contacting me directly through e-mail and/or other communication channels with advertising messages related to the services, programs (e.g. webinar) it provides and for this purpose, my personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy Statement.

VIENTOSHOP makes every effort to ensure that by making use of its services, through a highly customer-focused communication, you will be part of a greater user experience.

Providing a service that meets your needs and expectations in all respect, will be much easier for us if you subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

By registering on the *, *, website, you consent to the processing of the following information: e-mail address, name, title, gender, year of birth, residence (country), postcode, individual needs (e.g. webcast notification).

If you consent to us contacting you directly for marketing purposes either during or after subscribing, it will allow us to – with the above mentioned information – provide you with  up-to-date and highly personalised offers that reflect your needs as a user.

e) Barion Pixel cookies

Barion Payment Zrt. uses cookies (these are ba_vid,, and ba_sid cookies) to prevent fraud when using the Barion payment solution, and these cookies also process personal data (profile). The purpose of the ba_vid cookie, according to the Barion Cookie Notice, is to detect credit card fraud based on the digital fingerprint of the device used by the Customer and his browsing habits. The use of the cookie is necessary to detect fraudsters. The purpose of the cookie, as described in the Barion Cookie Notice, is to detect credit card fraud based on the digital fingerprint and browsing habits of the device used by the Customer. The cookie ensures that the browsing habits can be tracked by Barion Ltd. between two sessions on the website. It collects the following data: ba_vid, user ID, which is a hash compiled from browser properties, the timestamp of the first, current and last visit to the website, the ID of the current session, third party cookie permissions.The purpose of the ba_sid cookie, according to the Barion Cookie Notice, is to detect credit card fraud based on the digital fingerprint of the device used by the Customer and the browsing habits. The cookie ensures that the session can be identified across Barion Zrt. websites. The ba_vid and cookies have a storage time of 1.5 years from the last update, the ba_sid cookie has a storage time of 30 minutes. The data is stored by Barion Zrt. The Barion Cookie Notice is available here:

You can access and freely manage your personal data through your own user account at any time. The email you provide is the most authentic channel of communication for us, therefore in order to modify that, you can only do so by sending a request to the e-mail address.

The information you provide will only be processed in connection with the conduct of our activities and only until you withdraw your consent, unless otherwise we are entitled or obliged to process the data on any other legal basis.

3. Rights of data subjects and how they are enforced

Letters, queries  regarding the following claims should be sent to the e-mail address.

  • You may at any time request VIENTOSHOP to inform you whether your data is being processed and, if so, to provide adequate access to the personal data it handles. By entering your user profile, you have direct access to your personal data, but you may still request written information about the processing of your personal data at any time. Please note that the request for information sent by e-mail may only be considered authentic by VIENTOSHOP if it is sent from the user’s registered e-mail address, but this does not preclude VIENTOSHOP from identifying the applicant by other means before providing the information.
  • If you find that the personal data we process about you do not correspond to reality, you may request that the personal data we process be rectified. If you are a registered user, you can change your data yourself through your user profile.
  • You may request the deletion of the personal data we process at any time. Erasure may be refused (i) for the purpose of exercising the right to freedom of expression and information, or (ii) if the processing of Personal Data is authorised by law and (iii) to submit, enforce or defend legal claims. In all cases, the VIENTOSHOP shall inform the data subject of the refusal of the request for erasure, indicating the reason for the refusal of the cancellation. Once the request for the deletion of personal data has been fulfilled, previous (deleted) data can no longer be recovered.
  • You may request that the processing of your personal data be restricted by VIENTOSHOP if you dispute the accuracy of the personal data processed. In this case, the restriction applies to the period of time that allows us to verify the accuracy of personal data. You can also request a restriction on the processing if the processing is unlawful or has already been proceeded, but you object to the deletion of the personal data processed and instead request that their use be restricted.
  • The data provided by you and processed by VIENTOSHOP in an automated manner,
  • The personal data provided by you and processed by VIENTOSHOP in a widely used, machine-readable format, at your request, is subject to VIENTOSHOP’s release and/or transfer to another controller.
  • You may object to the processing of your personal data at any time (i) if the processing of personal data is necessary solely to fulfil the legal obligation of controllers (VIENTOSHOP) or to pursue the legitimate interest of the controller or third party; (ii) where the purpose of the processing is direct marketing, public opinion or scientific research; or (iii) where the processing takes place in order to perform a task of general interest. VIENTOSHOP examines the legality of the objection and, if it establishes the merits of the objection, terminates the processing.

4. Data processors

On behalf of VIENTOSHOP, personal data is processed by processors with a contractual relationship with us. The processor shall not take an independent decision on the data, only in accordance with the provisions of the VIENTOSHOP contract and based on the instructions received. Our data processors have been selected to ensure the security of your personal data as much as possible when processing your data. We ask all of our processing partners for compliance with applicable law with a contractual declaration and only if they do so, they may carry out any processing on behalf of VIENTOSHOP. See below for a current list of our processors;

Data processing related to invoicing: Kft.

1031 Budapest, Záhony utca 7.

Data processing related to the sending of newsletters:

• Mailchimp

The Rocket Science Group, LLC

675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE

Suite 5000

Atlanta, GA 30308 USA

• Sendinblue

47, Rue de la Chaussee d’Antin Paris, 75009 France

Data processing related to usage statistics:

• Google


Gordon House

Barrow St

Dublin 4


Data processing related to IT development:

• LumiSys Kft.

1013 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 47.


Data processing related to the establishment:

• Magyar Hosting Kft.

1132 Budapest,

Victor Hugo u. 18-22.


Data processing related to online payments and usage statistics:

• Barion Payment Zrt.

1117 Budapest, Infopark sétány 1.

+36 1 464 7099

5. Law enforcement options

If you need more information, please contact us at the e-mail address, at 1037 Budapest, Mátyáshegyi út 22/A 2.em 5.a. address by post. Please note that if you submit your request for data processing in person, our colleagues may ask you to verify your identity.

You can contact the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority directly (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; phone: +36-1-391-1400; e-mail:; website:

If the rights of the data subject are violated, he may apply to a court. The tribunal is responsible for the examination of the case. The action may, at the choice of the data subject, be brought before the tribunal of the place of residence or residence of the person concerned.

VIENTOSHOP may at any time, upon unilateral decision, amend this Privacy Notice. If this involves a change in the principles or purpose of the processing, he/she shall obtain the consent of the data subject in advance for further processing.

Budapest, 16 July, 2021.