Designer sleeve bags

Sleek design, quality material


Perfectly suitable for both men and women. The quality material reflects elegance and simplicity.

Universal sizes

Thanks to the mindful design, the sleeve bags are perfectly compatible with most of the laptop brands on the market.

Minimalist style

Simple and clean design with practical pockets. It will be part of your outfit in no time!

Classic Collection

If you are looking for a sleeve bag, it can be hard to find one, which next to protecting your laptop, it also looks great and perfectly matches your style and outfit.

Durable and soft felt material that protects your device against scratches and dust. The mindful, light and slim design of the Viento bag gives your laptop an elegant protection. Pack it in your suitcase, backpack, it only takes up a little more space than your device itself, but it's already protected from scratches and damage!

On the front of the bag there is a pocket that can be secured with the lid and the tight elastic strap, to ensure the safety of your belongings, personal documents and last but not least the black loop that allows you to conveniently store your pen.

Colorful Collection

Color up your life with the VIENTO COLORFUL COLLECTION! The result of the colorful thoughts born at the design table is that now you can choose your unique VIENTO bag from several color variants!

Sky blue

The weather can be gloomy, never let it describe your mood! Choose the SKY BLUE VIENTO bag inspired by the brightly blue tint of the sky, with this color you can optionally choose between light grey or dark grey felt and the three sizes.

Lemon yellow

Is your favourite color the cheerful and energetic yellow? Choose the LEMON YELLOW VIENTO bag! This warm yellow hue was inspired by the sun and it is optionally available with the light or dark grey material color and the three sizes.

Baby pink

Life is better in pink, don’t you think? Cheer up your outfit with the BABY PINK VIENTO bag! The baby pink tint was inspired by the color of the beautiful pink peony flowers. With this color you can optionally choose between light gray or dark gray felt color to go with and the three sizes.

About us

Since 2016, the VIENTO brand has been making unique, high-quality sleeve bags that can be used for multiple purposes, be it a laptop bag or a fashionable file cabinet. Continuous development and innovation are important to us, so we can create unique products for our customers.

In addition to our ever-expanding product range, we place great emphasis on creative design to stand our ground internationally.

The design and production are unique in Hungary. This keeps the quality and production schedule under constant review.

We have a saying that we always quote from Paul Rand:

"Design is a silent ambassador for your brand."

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